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Nina's little Tea party

Nina's little tea party

- Te garden of mint and Rahe 's Nda' s -

Nina will hold a small tea party again this year.

A wooden table is hung with a floral embroidered cloth, decorated with a lavender bouquet and a small picture, and dressed up with super cute earrings and an apron. The sweet scent of baking cookies also brought small birds and rabbits. Pour hot herbal tea into a violet cup and you'll have a fun tea party.

With the keyword "cute & delicious", we will exhibit and sell mainly sweets and sweets motif items that are special to each artist.


In the original box

Patisserie Tamamiyu

Baked confectionery set

2,200 yen (tax included) is planned

--Box design--

Via Carousel 1 type

okappalover 1 type

kin.iro.hitode 2 types

nemunoki paper item 1 type

Matsuura Ai 1 type

Mika Yoshida 1 type

In original package


Flower icing cookie

480 yen (tax included) is planned

--Package design--

Via Carousel



nemunoki paper item

Matsuura Ai

Mika Yoshida


* Web Shop only *

Nina's little tea party

Special set

*** Yen (tax included) ~

--Package type--

A Set: Limited to 15 sets

B Set: Limited to 15 sets

C Set: Limited 20 sets

As soon as the details are decided, please visit this page

I will let you know

Date and Time

Thursday , March 11, 2021 to Tuesday , March 16, 2021

11: 00-19: 00 (until 17:00 on the last day only)



Gallery HANA Shimokitazawa

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Shimokitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

3-26-2 1F


Odakyu Line / Inokashira Line

Get off at Shimokitazawa Station

5 minutes walk from the central / east exit

About admission :

Only when there are a large number of customers waiting for the opening, we will guide you to the waiting line from 10:45 AM (for fairness, a lottery method will be used).

Please do not wait in the vicinity before the above time as it may cause inconvenience to the neighbors.

In the unlikely event that the line is longer than expected, the opening time may be earlier. (About 10 to 15 minutes)

Regarding sales :

We apologize for any inconvenience, but please note that you will only be charged in cash.

Also. There is a limit to the number of works by the following artists. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Mr. swantailor

・ Up to 3 points per person regardless of type

About virus infection prevention measures:

Please be sure to wear a mask while waiting and in the venue, and please cooperate with hand sanitizer at the entrance when entering.

If you are traveling with small children, please hold hands as much as possible in the venue.

If the number of people in the venue is likely to be extremely crowded, admission will be restricted at the entrance. Please come in warm clothes.

If you do not cooperate with the above contents after hearing from the staff, we may refuse admission. Thank you for your cooperation.

Member --Painting, Stationery, Accesory


Michi Ito

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We make pottery accessories such as rings, earrings and brooches.

It adds color to your daily life and makes you feel a little happier just by wearing it.

We aim to create such delicate and warm works.
I hope you can find even one favorite.


Via Carousel

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The precious person who gave it will be happy. I am happy to receive it. That feeling, also want to give to someone ...

May warm and happy feelings circulate around you like a rotating wooden horse.

With that in mind, we carefully produce each item one by one and sell mainly paper and cloth miscellaneous goods that give you a feeling of warmth.



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We hand-embroidery silk organdy using our unique method to produce accessories and other clothing items.

We also want to bring the charm of organdy embroidery to many people through the sale of embroidery kits and workshops.

This time, we will prepare a lot of accessories with flower motifs that look good on Nina's tea party.



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Illustration, Accessories, and ZAKKA are produced under the theme of this shape of a woman who is easy to move around.

Delicate and somehow antique illustrations and embroidery accessories are gaining popularity.



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A mysterious and lonely world, but a warm and gentle world.
We will deliver a story to remember the crush of a girl who was about to forget in the miscellaneous goods of daily life.

This time, at "Nina's Little Tea Party," in addition to standard products such as drawstring purses, handkerchiefs, totes, and letter sets, original packaged cookies in collaboration with a candy store, and original boxed French sweets, Nina's New handkerchiefs are lined up in the image of a tea party. In addition, original drawings drawn in watercolor and oil will be exhibited and sold.



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"If you open an old picture book
Spilling pieces of fairy tales Gently picking them up and looking through a ring of gold ... "

We make prototypes, raise molds,
and carefully make each one by hand.



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Since 2007, we have been producing one-of-a-kind hair bands and accessories such as fragile, brittle and sweet sugar confectionery using resin clay and various mixed yarns.


nemunoki paper item

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It is a nemunoki paper item.
We produce and sell miscellaneous goods that are close to everyday life, centering on paper miscellaneous goods.

The "Witch's Garden" series was born at the last small tea party. This time, let's take a look at the memories of the botanical garden that the beautiful witch visited when she was young.

Time goes by mercilessly, and although it is carved, its current appearance is also beautiful.

Create a mysterious world with dried flowers and hand motifs.


Matsuura Ai

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I'm an illustrator.

Draw illustrations of food, household goods, and nostalgic atmosphere in warm colors.


Mika Yoshida

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While interacting with flowers and nature, I express my feelings and imaginations with pictures and stories, and make clay works.



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I'm an illustrator. I mainly draw digital illustrations for women such as accessories, clothes, lace, plants, and flowers.

I am conscious of clothes that are unlikely to be worn in everyday life, but that are likely to be worn but have a little courage to wear in reality.

I like antique accessories and accessories, western buildings and decorations.



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[Notice from the management team]

Unfortunately, due to various reasons, oldimie's participation has been declined.

Please note that the DM has a brand name.

Member --Patisserie



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The first croissant to bake in the morning,
Amezaiku that gives a gorgeous weekend party is a daily scene at the patisserie in Paris Training in France is still a brilliant experience for me and is the driving force behind confectionery making.

Fabriquer de la main (manufacturing by hand)

By creating every day, we aim to make such sweets and make stores that enrich our daily lives. Owner Chef Masashi Yanagi Madame Tamami Yanagi



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I make sweets and take pictures of food.
We also participate in special exhibitions and hold small-group sweets classes.

I often make sweets according to the theme, and I think that the ingredients are also important.

As the name of mug suggests, we hope you enjoy "feel free to spend tea time in a mug".

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