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Paperalogical Cabinet

Paper specimen box

- made of paper, paper to write / draw -

The main theme is to make with paper and write / draw on paper

Museums, libraries, laboratories, specimen boxes, collages, vintages, dark fantasy, old pictorial books ...

This is a writer-led exhibition with the image of a "paper specimen box" that sleeps in the depths of memory.

Date and Time

Friday November 6, 2020 to November 16, Monday

12: 00-19: 00 ( until 17:00 on the last day )

* Tuesday, November 10th is a regular holiday, so it is closed.



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3-4-7 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo

3 minutes walk from Exit 2 of Sendagi Station on the Chiyoda Subway Line

JR "Nippori Station"

10 minutes walk from the north exit




Via Carousel

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The precious person who gave it will be happy. I am happy to receive it. I want to give that feeling to someone again ...

May warm and happy feelings circulate around you like a rotating wooden horse.

With that in mind, we carefully produce each item one by one and sell mainly paper and cloth miscellaneous goods that give you a feeling of warmth.



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I am working as a box "Old Mijin" to store what I made.

oudmijin is mainly active in the series of waxing works called Art direction, drawing, graphic design and Lampopi.

This time, we mainly prepared earrings and ornaments for the Lampopi series.


Cafe Noizm

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We draw pictures on the theme of cats and coffee shops, and produce coffee-style miscellaneous goods centered on paper miscellaneous goods.

I hope you can feel nostalgia and enjoy such a world view.


Specializing in children is Topoppo

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Children's specialty, Topoppo, is a duo that mainly produces brooches and miscellaneous goods using paper.

Each brooch is unique because it is hand-painted one by one.

I hope you find your favorite.


nemunoki paper item

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nemunoki paper item is a brand of paper and household goods using original illustrations.

Not only fashionable and cute items, but also items that make you laugh.

With illustrations and designs that incorporate "likes", we produce miscellaneous goods that can be enjoyed every day.



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Papers that are often seen, strange papers, papers used for packaging sweets, etc. Using such pieces of paper, we have created accessories that are unique to paper, such as "cutting, pasting, and drawing."

Furthermore, I hope to convey the atmosphere and world view of paper by combining different materials such as paper and metal.

Please take a look at paper accessories that are filled with the charms of various types of paper.


Bébé · Poisson

Bebe Poisson

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It depicts a girl in a fantastic world.


Matsuura Ai

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With a rich touch of acrylic gouache and oil paintings, he focuses on creating illustrations with a nostalgic atmosphere where warmth and darkness coexist.

We also produce other accessories and miscellaneous goods.



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mittzell's paper miscellaneous goods will be completed when each person who has them enjoys the arrangement freely ...
I am designing with such an image somewhere.

I hope you can freely enjoy the coordination of Iloilo paper and the exciting use of paper.



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mumimum is a brand of textile artist Haruka Mura.

I make a little mysterious pattern with animals, stars and the moon as motifs.

I hope it will blend in with your daily life and be used for a long time.


Planetary business

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We manufacture and sell miscellaneous goods and papers with science and science motifs under the theme of "nostalgic and new things."

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