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We have created a letter set that focuses on retro printing and paper quality with the motif of a merry-go-round that cats can enjoy and spin around.

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It is a stationery that creates a vintage feeling by the technique of printing ink one by one, called stencil printing.
The front side is available in three colors, white, brown, and red, giving it a mature atmosphere while being cute. The back side is made in one color, brown, with a fish motif as an accent.

The paper used is poppo paper with a nostalgic texture.
The front side is rough and the back side is smooth, so you can write with a pencil or a water-based pen.

We also have an option to add only stationery, so I want to write a lot of letters! Please use it when you want to share it with your friends and friends.

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The envelope is made of white tracing paper, and when you put a letter in it, the inside can be seen through.

It comes with a letter paper and a matching design address sticker, so you can use it for standard mailing or for letters to accompany gifts.
We have prepared three patterns, plain, striped, and lace, one by one.

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★ Contents ・ 6 stationery sheets, 3 envelopes, 3 address stickers (3 patterns, 1 sheet each)

(If you purchase additional letter paper as an option)
・ Normal 6 + 3 (9 in total) or 6 + 6 (12 in total)

★ Material, printing method, size (approximate dimensions)
・ Stationery: Poppo paper, stencil printing (lithograph), 210x149mm (A5 size)
-Envelope: Tracing paper, 114x162mm (Western 2 size)
・ Address sticker: Craft sticker paper, inkjet printing, 50x95mm

* Accessories other than the above are not included.
* As a sample of use, we will send you a folded letter paper in an envelope.

Cat merry-go-round (letter set)

  • * The color of the image and the actual product depends on the device and environment you are viewing.
    Please note that it may be different.

    * The letter paper is printed by stencil printing (lithograph).
    Due to the characteristics of printing, plate misalignment and ink color unevenness / scumming may occur at random, but this is also a printing texture, so please be aware of this before purchasing.

    * Since the letter paper uses semi-water-based ink, the ink may get on your hands or the color may transfer to other items if you touch it.
    Please check in advance and do not handle items with severe discoloration, but please be careful when handling them.

    * Please note that poppo paper is a thin paper, so there is a possibility of show-through depending on the writing equipment.

    * The address sticker is inkjet printed on kraft sticker paper.
    Please store and use it away from high temperature, high humidity, water, direct sunlight, etc.

    * We are not responsible for any troubles during delivery or loss or damage of the product after shipping.
    If it is damaged, please contact us within 7 days after the item arrives.

    * If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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