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We are currently coordinating participating events. As soon as it is decided, we will inform you on SNS and this page.

We have decided to exhibit at "Design Festa Vol.48", one of the largest art festivals in Japan.

Details will be announced later on this page.

" Design Festa Vol.48 " Tokyo Big Sight West Hall

11/10 (Sat) and 11 (Sun) 11: 00-19: 00 Booth number: I --134

We are going to have a small booth at Design Festa Vol.48.

Information is coming soon on this page.

Design Festa vol.48 at Tokyo Big Sight West Halls

November 10th Sat and 11th Sun, 11AM ―― 7PM Booth number: I ―― 134

2019.03.01 Information on the following events has been added to the event page.

2/27 --3/4 Hankyu Umeda Main Store "Stationery Expo" Participation (Consignment Exhibit)

3/13 --3/20 Participated in "Stationery Expo" in Matsuya Ginza (consignment exhibition)

3/9 ・ 3/10 Participation in Jimbocho Terrace Square "Paper me" (exhibited at the booth)

We posted information of new events below in Event page.

2/27 --3/4 at Hankyu Umeda main store in Osaka "Stationary Exhibition" goods on commission

3/13 --3/20 at Matsuya Ginza "Stationary Exhibition" goods on commission

3/9 and 3/10 at Terrace Square "Kami me" small booth

2019.02.03 Information on physical stores / Web stores has been added to the shop page.

We posted information of retail and online stores in Shop page.


The following event information has been added to the event page.

8/12 --9/8 "Pepaland" Ikebukuro Loft

8/5 --9/30 "Cat Goods Special Corner" Kinokuniya Bookstore Grand Front Osaka Store

10/12 "Nyanfes" Metropolitan Industry and Trade Center Taito Building

11/16/11/17 "Design Festa" Tokyo Big Sight

We posted information of new events below in Event page.

8/12 - 9/8 "Tokyo Paper Land" at Ikebukuro Loft

10/12 "Nyanfes" at Tokyo Municipal Industry & Trade Center

11/16 and 11/17 "Design Festa" at Tokyo Big Sight,



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